Fruit Revolution

This morning I realized something: prickly pears are not all that common. Yep. Why? I have no idea because they are absolutely delicious. I feel we can make prickly pears the new mango if we put our hearts into it. Let the exotic fruit revolution begin. Who’s with me?

As a kid, I remember eating them by the dozens until…ready? Until my mom told me a cactus was going to start growing in my tummy. I think that scarred me for life. This might not be making any sense to you right now so let me explain what a prickly pear is, exactly. A prickly pear is the fruit from a cactus. The cactus leaves are known as “nopal” and are edible too, but not as delicious.


The reason why this blog  is called “One Prickly Pear” is because prickly pears bring back thousands of memories – not all of them good. Prickly pears have a tons of prickles. This only means that they have to be handled with care when peeling them. Yes, you need to peel them. Please, don’t ever try to eat its outer, thick skin. It will not end well, trust me on that one. Anyway, once you finally manage to peel them, they have tons of seeds embedded in their flesh sort of like guavas. So, prickly pears have all these flaws yet some people still find them absolutely irresistible. This only goes to teach us that regardless of your flaws, there will always be people who will find you unique and completely irresistible. Aw, thank you prickly pears of the world for the valuable life lesson.

Next time you spot a prickly pear at a supermarket or at a farmers’ market, give it a chance and take one home. You will not regret it. Or maybe you will if you’re not careful with those prickles. Either way, just remember that those seeds will not make a cactus grow inside of you. I’m living proof of it. So, eat as many as your heart desires.


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