Hello, hello. Can I just say this humble blog you lovely people follow (and if you don’t, please do…or else. Joking.) turns one week today? I always imagined blogging to be boring and just one more thing to add to your daily “to do” list, but I must say this past week has proven me wrong. Blogging is, rather, something that allows individuals to take a break from their hectic everyday lives. It allows you to create something you can completely call your own. It is a very good creative outlet, indeed.

Speaking of breaks, I want you all to take a break too. I have a very well-made video here to help you do just that – at least for a few minutes. And, since we are honouring creativity today, this video is a perfect example of why talented, creative people are a blessing to this world. Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Remember to click those “like” and “follow” buttons. You know you want to.


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